Resolve Delays in Diagnosis and Coordinating Care

Psychiatric services or the lack thereof can have tremendous impact on a health facility’s ability to see patients timely, coordinate care through the emergency department and inpatient units, and maintain an efficient work flow to providing care. Precious time and resources are often wasted attempting to coordinate the arrival of a Psychiatrist for patient evaluation and consultation and money is spent caring for and monitoring those patients while they wait. C3O’s Psychiatry services are designed to alleviate this burden and to free up facility resources so that all patients at the facility can receive the care that they need as quickly as possible with immediate access to a trained psychiatrist willing and able to deliver care.

C3O’s Tele-Psychiatry solutions offer:

  • Exceptional, highly-trained Psychiatrists
  • Decreased emergency room resource expenditures while awaiting psychiatric evaluation
  • Response time of one hour or less
  • Reduced ALOS through timely evaluation and treatment
  • Improved Continuity of Care
  • Support for emergency physicians with mental health specialty diagnoses
  • Decrease in negative outcomes
  • Improved patient safety throughout the facility
  • Highly trained physician and physician-extender staff which maximizes a positive patient experience.

To learn more about C3O’s Tele-Psychiatry Services or to receive a proposal or financial projections for telemedicine coverage, please contact us.