Tele-ICU and Critical Care

Expert Specialists When Minutes Count

Board certified physicians specialized in Critical Care are scarce and costly for hospitals to obtain. Once thought to be a problem primarily experienced by smaller and/or rural hospitals, the growing shortage of these services is heavily impacting larger, metropolitan facilities as well. C3O’s critical care and neurocritical services are designed to expand the facility’s existing range of services and/or to provide support for existing on-site Intensivisits. The expansion or stabilization of critical care at your facility will not only help to decrease the health care costs of patients within the community by reducing costly transport but can also increase facility revenue by allowing patients to receive care at the most appropriate facility.

C3O Telemedicine’s critical care services provide your facility with the following:

  • Qualified team of board-certified Intensivists and Neurointensivists
  • 24/7/365 Tele-ICU coverage, gap-filling, back-up coverage for overflow, or specialty consultations upon request.
  • Increased revenue from patient retention
  • Decreased ALOS through prompt diagnosis and definitive treatment, minimizing complications and ventilator time
  • Increased acuity of care to improve facility reimbursement
  • Support for service expansion for local surgical specialists
  • Reduction of patient transfers for higher level of care
  • Educational opportunities for nursing and physician staff from highly trained specialists
  • Leapfrog Group compliance

To learn more about C3O’s Tele-ICU and Critical Care Services or to receive a proposal or financial projections for telemedicine coverage, contact us.