Program Design and Consulting

Avoid Guessing with Reliable and Comprehensive Analysis

Some health systems, hospitals, multispecialty medical groups, managed and accountable care organizations and other large provider entities may prefer a solution that utilizes physicians that the organizations already have in place. For those organizations seeking expertise in evaluating, designing and/or implementing a telemedicine program with affiliated physicians, C3O Telemedicine offers program design and consulting services to:

  • Evaluate organizational, financial, clinical, technological and operational aspects of a focused or comprehensive telemedicine program.
  • Develop a strategic plan for implementing a clinically beneficial, cost effective telemedicine program.
  • Evaluate and recommend technologies appropriate to the organization’s needs and goals.
  • Develop financial models to assess the economic benefits of telemedicine and appropriate allocation of income and expenses between the organization and participating physicians.
  • Present a recommended telemedicine program tailored to the organization’s needs and goals.
  • Plan and guide the telemedicine program implementation process in conjunction with the organization’s constituents.
  • Work with the medical and other clinical staff to integrate a telemedicine program within the existing workflow and delivery system.
  • Develop clinical and operational policies, procedures and protocols for the telemedicine program.
  • Assist in recruiting, credentialing, training and evaluating participating physicians within appropriate medical staff or other organizational channels.
  • Develop telemedicine orientation and education programs for physicians, other clinical staff and related personnel.
  • Assist in developing effective claims processing for reimbursable services, including managed care contracting.
  • Recommend methods of evaluating the program to ensure that needs and goals are being met.
  • Advise on the availability of extramural fund raising (e.g., grants, gifts) to support the telemedicine program.
  • Assist in developing public relations initiatives for the organization’s telemedicine program.

Contact C3O Telemedicine to learn more about how these services can be leveraged to deploy or expand an internally-staffed telemedicine program at your facility.