The C3O Difference

Unmatched Clinical Quality and Program Design

Telemedicine programs are expanding throughout the country, but not all solutions are created equal. The C3O difference is its exceptionally qualified physicians and engaged physician-led management. C3O’s seasoned team has developed programs at multiple facilities with demonstrated value through rapid response times, enhanced patient outcomes and prompt definitive care and discharges, with accompanying improvement in hospital financials.

C3O Telemedicine understands the challenges that healthcare providers face when exploring the cutting edge of medical delivery such as telemedicine. This is why C3O offers telemedicine program design and support services  in addition to physician coverage solutions. C3O Telemedicine can guide your organization throughout the entire evaluation and implementation of your telemedicine program, from clinical design to technology selection and eventually implementation, even if C3O physicians are not selected for coverage after the design process. This enables your organization to consider the most optimal telemedicine delivery model available and provides a partner to your analysis process without an ongoing commitment.

Telemedicine program design and deployment can feel like a leap of faith. C3O can reduce your organizational risk by preparing a feasibility and financial analysis before any program is finalized and implemented. This information, along with the trusted support of C3O’s experienced leadership, can guide your organization towards making the most informed decision imaginable.