Mission and Values


C3O Telemedicine’s mission is to provide the highest quality, most accountable and cost-effective remote physician services and other tailored telemedicine solutions and assistance to providers of healthcare.

C3O = Connectivity – Compassion – Collaboration – Optimized

When minutes count and a decision impacting a patient’s care is required, physicians need to be at the bedside immediately. Connectivity is at the core of delivery of C3O Telemedicine’s services: connecting a patient with the right physician at the right time with the most efficient technology available. Empowered connections amongst the health care team yields saved lives and optimal outcomes.

The compassionate treatment of patients and the team of health professionals caring for them is fundamental to C3O Telemedicine’s definition of quality. C3O physicians strongly believe that every patient is to be treated with both dignity and respect. Compassion is delivered to the patient and their loved ones at all times, and this principal extends to C3O’s client administrators, their medical staff, and every C3O employee and physician team member.

C3O understands that it takes a team to deliver the best patient care. Discussion and consultation among physicians and other healthcare professionals is essential for the best patient outcomes and highest satisfaction. C3O believes respectful, open communication is paramount to patient care and every business decision surrounding it.

C3O believes the tremendous promise of telemedicine cannot be realized without a tireless pursuit towards the most optimal use of resources at all times. Maximizing care while minimizing expenditures for patient, facility, and physician alike requires openness to new ideas, innovative thinking, and 360-degree feedback. C3O has implemented this continuous commitment to ingenuity throughout the entire organization and its service model.

Meet the members of the C3O Leadership Team.