Services Overview

C3O Telemedicine provides expert, high quality virtual presence physician coverage focused in the specialties of Tele-Stroke, Tele-Neurology and Neurocritical Care, Tele-ICU and Critical Care, and Tele-Psychiatry, in addition to other multispecialty custom solutions.

Solving Physician Shortages with Connectivity

C3O Telemedicine provides expert, high quality virtual presence physician coverage focused in the specialties of Tele-Stroke, Tele-Neurology and Neurocritical Care and other multispecialty custom solutions.

In all instances, C3O’s solutions can be tailored to your facility in order to provide around the clock comprehensive call panel coverage or provide temporary, ad-hoc, overflow or gap-filling services during difficult shifts. Pricing models are based upon your needs so that payment is only for the coverage and services that are utilized.

The Value of C3O Telemedicine’s Solutions

As pioneers of the telemedicine movement, we strongly believe in the value that our high quality telemedicine program can offer to health facilities and their medical staff. Those benefits include:

  • Rapid Response

    C3O Telemedicine solutions allow facilities and their emergency departments to reach optimal efficiency by providing immediate access to specialists, guaranteeing support to ED physician staff and increasing the confidence of the physician, nursing, and ancillary staff in the emergency setting. Resource expenditures are minimized, and your hard working staff receives the response and support they deserve to navigate the patient to the optimal outcome and the earliest possible appropriate discharge.

  • Improved Patient Outcomes

    Cutting-edge medical care provides no value without clinical results for your patients’ benefit. C3O’s telemedicine programs demonstrate undeniable improvements in patient care through improved physician response times, prompt implementation of definitive care, earliest possible appropriate discharge, compliance with Joint Commission quality metrics, and access to skilled specialists otherwise difficult to access or afford. Data is available to demonstrate how C3O’s record of success can improve clinical performance at your facility.

  • Revenue Enhancement and Decreased Costs

    Health facilities face ever-increasing challenges to optimize revenue. Expenditures must be justified by quantifiable and expedient returns. C3O’s telemedicine solutions can deliver both increased revenue and decreased costs through retention of patients, avoidance of transfers, decreased length of stay, improved ED throughput and reduced ED call coverage fees.

  • Telehealth Facility Fees

    Did you know that an organizations’ facility fee revenue per case might increase simply by indicating the use of telemedicine? C3O Telemedicine’s implementation team can walk the organization through the charge capture process to enable it to bill for all available telehealth facility fee reimbursement in addition to the usual and customary charges for care.

  • Improved Medical Staff Satisfaction

    C3O’s experience has been that its telemedicine services are welcomed by the health facility’s existing medical staff because their on-call burden is minimized, their patients can be treated at their home facility rather than transferred, and the telemedicine specialists do not assume long-term care of their patients. Your medical staff will appreciate the quality-of-life and clinical support C3O delivers through telemedicine.

  • Best Practices

    C3O Telemedicine physicians and the facilities they serve obtain the benefit of tested and proven clinical protocols and guidelines, developed over years of experience and continually modified by C3O’s physician leadership. These protocols are implemented across C3O’s programs and custom-tailored and modified to fit existing work flows to ensure state-of-the-art operations and consistent medical care. Medical directorship services of varying degrees of involvement and authority can also be provided by C3O’s physician leaders upon request.

  • Competitive Advantage; Community Standing

    A sophisticated telemedicine program can increase the health facility’s competitive position and community standing through the well-promoted use of state-of-the-art equipment and expedient care delivery by experienced clinician specialists. The community will embrace C3O’s clinically proven telemedicine solutions that advance the organization’s excellence.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    Patients and family members have limited access to busy on-site physicians to discuss care while in the health facility. The compassionate C3O physicians are well versed in relating to patients and families “virtually” and provide an exceptional patient experience. This interaction, coupled with the high-tech, prompt and definitive care initiated through telemedicine, leads to improved patient satisfaction and a reassuring experience for loved ones.

To learn more about C3O’s solutions or to receive a proposal for coverage services, please contact us.