Telemedicine and Interstate Medical Licensure: The Nonsense Continues

The issue of interstateimages.4jpg medical licensing has been alive and in ill health for over 20 years. Recently in an op-ed in the WSJ ( the suggestion, once again, for one medical license to practice in all fifty states fits under the aegis of the federal government accepting the credo that telemedicine occurs where the physician is and NOT the patient. Under this logic, telemedicine practice is considered under the commerce clause of the Constitution. Patient protection under the state medical board is upheld, no additional costs are added to the healthcare bill, and telemedicine programs can be implemented after the hospital credentialing process (for hospital-based programs). Too logical, yes. Too reasonable, yes. Too Twenty-First century, yes. Will it occur, NO! The FSMB’s compact is just a smoke screen, and anyone with knowledge or serious interest in telemedicine should be indignant that after twenty years, our state medical boards need to catch up to our own Veterans Administration or even the European Union.

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August 6th, 2016

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